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PSI Student Athlete of the Year Scholarship

The Student-Athlete of the Year Hockey Scholarship is a prestigious award designed to recognize and honour outstanding individuals who excel both academically and athletically in the sport of hockey.


This scholarship program aims to celebrate student-athletes who have demonstrated exceptional commitment, dedication, and achievements in their academic pursuits and on the hockey rink. This scholarship places a strong emphasis on academic performance. Candidates should have a solid academic record, showcasing their ability to balance their athletic commitments with their studies.

Recipients must have a notable track record in hockey, demonstrating exceptional skills, sportsmanship, and dedication to the sport. This includes achievements such as participation in regional or national tournaments, team leadership roles, and individual accolades while maintaining an academic level at the top of their class.

The Student-Athlete of the Year Hockey Scholarship not only acknowledges the hard work and dedication required to excel both academically and athletically but also encourages young athletes to continue pursuing their passions and aspirations on and off the ice. It serves as a motivating force to inspire student-athletes to achieve greatness in all areas of their lives.

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