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"Home is where the Heart is" Humanitarian Scholarship

The "Home is Where the Heart is” Scholarship for Humanitarianism is a prestigious and impactful scholarship program that celebrates and supports exceptional individuals who have demonstrated outstanding community leadership through their involvement in the sport of hockey. This scholarship recognizes that a strong sense of community and a passion for hockey can come together to create positive change.


This scholarship program goes beyond traditional athletic achievements and focuses on the candidate's dedication to making a difference in their local community. Whether it's through coaching, mentoring, organizing events, volunteering, or any other avenue of community engagement related to hockey, this scholarship aims to reward those who have used their love for the sport as a catalyst for meaningful contributions.

The scholarship is open to individuals of all ages who have a deep connection to hockey and who have demonstrated their commitment to uplifting their community. It provides financial support to help recipients further their education, training, or projects that align with their aspirations for community development and leadership. Recipients of this scholarship become part of a distinguished group of individuals who share a common goal: leveraging their passion for hockey to create positive and lasting impacts on the communities they care about.

By highlighting the connection between hockey and community, this scholarship aims to inspire others to recognize the power of sports as a tool for fostering unity, leadership, and positive change. Ultimately, this scholarship seeks to nurture a new generation of leaders who understand that a strong and supportive community is indeed where the heart thrives, and hockey serves as a conduit for making that vision a reality.

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