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"Building Brighter Futures" Scholarship

The "Building Brighter Futures" Hockey Scholarship is a prestigious and empowering initiative aimed at supporting athletes from underrepresented communities, specifically focusing on People of Color (POC) in the field of hockey.


This scholarship program is designed to provide financial assistance and opportunities for talented POC athletes who are dedicated to both their athletic pursuits and academic excellence and who have achieved distinction in one (or more) of the following areas including academics, the arts, athletics, community service, environment causes, and/or promote awareness and acceptance in their community through acts of leadership.

The scholarship aims to empower POC athletes by acknowledging their potential and fostering an inclusive environment within the sport of ice hockey. It seeks to break down financial barriers that may hinder talented athletes from pursuing their dreams.

By specifically recognizing POC athletes, the scholarship contributes to promoting diversity and inclusion within the sport of ice hockey. It raises awareness about the importance of representation and equal opportunities for athletes from all backgrounds.

The "Building Brighter Futures" Hockey Scholarship aims to make a lasting impact by not only providing financial support but also fostering a supportive community and advocating for greater diversity within the sport. Through this initiative, POC athletes are given the resources they need to thrive both on and off the ice, ultimately building a brighter future for themselves and inspiring positive change in the world of hockey.

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